Welcome to the Gleam AI Blog

I have the pleasure of inaugurating the brand new Gleam AI Blog. Through these pages, we will bring the debate and information about topics that concern us in Gleam from the point of view of technology and also its relationship with people and society.

Therefore, this blog is about artificial intelligence and cybersecurity, privacy and sustainability, ethics in technology, massive data processing, the Cloud and its implications, startups, globalization and, ultimately, any topic that may interest us as a company or as individuals within the Gleam AI project. We will be happy to receive suggestions and criticisms at hello@gleam.ai

I guess you realize this blog is written directly by the team at Gleam, the Gleamers, mainly Spaniards (Gleam was founded in Spain, Europe) or from any other part of the world as Gleam grow. We have decided not to hire professional translators and let each one make their own translation into English. We are sure that there will be mistakes and a certain peculiarity in the text, but we are also sure that they will be perceived as authentic. We believe that is what it is about.

Welcome to our blog

Iñaki Murcia, CEO


CEO at GLEAM AI / Passionate, entrepreneur, marketer and dreamer. Open source, big data and AI evangelist

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